Goodbye Livejournal? Hello World.

The time has come to an end (maybe it was a long time ago). I've slowly more and more drifted from LJ, now it's to a point where I only come here for communities, not even fandom >__<;

I set up a flavors.me site to tie up loose ends (at 5 cm per second HAHA. orz; ) and I'm quite happy with it hehe :D


And I also opened up a public blog =/ I'm not sure why (blame spur of the moment influence by a certain klu). It's been a while, i'm not sure how much updates it'll get, but I might try. If anyone else has a blog (oh the old days of blogs instead of LJ's) please let me know :D


Wishing everyone a happy, warm/cold (depending on where you are T___T), sunshine/rain (depending on what you like) kind of February and year. Best of luck!

♥ xena / (misha?)

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